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8 surprisingly romantic signs of true love

The interminable wait to watch the next episode.

ROMANCE ISN’T ALL hearts and proposals and whisking people away on loved-up weekends you know?

It can be about the simple things too…

Not eating the other person’s chips, and getting your own chips instead

A person’s chips is their sanctuary. True love is respecting that.

542025_10151112172774475_2056987096_n_large Whicdn Whicdn

Not having to hold in your farts anymore

Well, to a certain extent. We’re not ANIMALS!

YdsgY Imgur Imgur

And being able to say this

It’s a real concern.

So Romantic - Imgur Imgur Imgur

Waiting for them to get home to watch the next episode

Is there any greater test of patience and love?

tumblr_m6rrifwdRw1qer6i8o1_500 Blastmedia Blastmedia

Putting them down as your “in case of emergency” person

You want the doctor to call them if you ever trip over a toddler/overdose on Monster Munch. So touching.


Skyping using a dodgy internet connection

A foolproof way to bring out the monster within.

Before-you-marry-a-person-you-should-first-make-them-use-a-com Laughtroller Laughtroller

Helping them through a hangover

Extra romance points if going to the shop to buy tins of fizz and beige food is involved.

tina-fey-as-liz-lemon-leaning-over-toilet-with-broom-patting-her-back Gurl Gurl

Doing this

the definition of romance - Imgur Imgur Imgur

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