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11 things Father Ted taught us about going on our holidays
Is there anything to be said for having another round of crazy golf.

IN CASE YOU missed it, today marks the anniversary of the annual caravan holiday for Father Ted and co.

And what better way to celebrate than to toast Ted, Dougal and Jack, and everything they taught us about tipping off to Wexford/Salthill/Torremolinos…

1. Lock up well

Look at what happened on Craggy Island when Dougal made a balls of turning the Chubb:

You don’t want sticky fingers on your things.

2. Pack wisely

And be sure to pack to suit your travel arrangements:

3. Don’t forget your suitcase

4. Choose your travelling partner wisely

You don’t want to end up sitting beside Father Noel Furlong

Or Father Jack…

5. Bring some good reading material



6. Don’t get separated from the group

You don’t want to end up like Father Noel Furlong and the St. Luke’s Youth Group, lost in the caves for two days.

7. Some things are small, some things are far away

Small. (Shutterstock)

Far away. (Flickr/CreativeCommons/USFWS)

8. No souvenir can be too tacky


9. Don’t go into the wrong room

10. Go sightseeing

11. Eat and drink yourself stupid

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