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Mysterious Father Ted 'Vote Yes' murals are appearing around Dublin

Where are they coming from?

Update: We think we’ve identified at least one artist responsible. See end of the post for details…

FATHER TED HAS officially joined the Yes campaign, after one or more mystery artists left Ted murals for marriage equality in various locations around Dublin.

This image of Father Stone and Father Ted – a replica of the painting Fr Stone gives to Ted and Dougal – has been pasted on an electric housing console on Liffey Street:

Source: @ThatBradyDude

Another scene, depicting the famous “I love you” moment between priests played by Graham Linehan and Kevin Gildea, has been painted on Watling Street, down by the Guinness brewery.

Source: @AmDuffin

Another pic can be seen here. Here’s the original scene:

Source: PAJOoc/YouTube

Then there’s this moment with Ted and Dougal, near Christchurch:

Source: Paula Wiseman

There’s at least another version of the Ted and Stone painting - apparently by a different artist – in Temple Bar:

And we're told that there is yet another in Smithfield:

None of the images appear to have any signature (with the possible exception of Ted and Dougal, whose signature we can't read). All have been produced elsewhere and then pasted up on switching boxes or other street furniture.

Where are they coming from? Who are the artists? Is it an organised campaign? (We already know that Ted himself would vote Yes, after all.)

If anyone knows anything, please email us on tips@dailyedge.ie...

Update: Based on signature comparison and tipsters Rachel Mortimer and Fergal MacPháidín,  we think at least some of the images are the work of street artist Shota Kotake, who's been drawing Father Ted for some time now. You may remember him for two memorable contributions in Stoneybatter...

Thanks to Klara McDonnell, James Brady, Ann Marie DuffinDylan Kearns and Paula Wiseman for the images!

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