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Ireland's 10 favourite burger toppings have been decided

And some of them might surprise you.

WE KNOW THAT Ireland is a nation of burger lovers – but what people choose to put on top of them varies wildly.

Now, a study has revealed the country’s favourite burger toppings – and the percentage of people who take each one. Hold on tight, here they are in descending order:

10. Gherkins (28%)

The black sheep Source: theCSSdiv

9. Relish (30%)

29042007285 Source: Flickr

8. Caramelised onions (38%)

Crave Burger Source: atsamom

7. Mayonnaise (44%)

A Tasty Mess Source: comedy_nose

6. Bacon (48%)

Nau's Enfield Drug - Large Bacon Cheeseburger Source: BurgerAustin

5. Tomato (49%)

burger Source: stu_spivack

4. Fried onions (53%)

Mmm... onion jam stuffed bacon cheeseburger Source: jeffreyw

3. Ketchup (57%)

Burger wie noch nie Source: kadluba

2. Lettuce (57%)

My burger, delic. Source: Jodimichelle

1. Cheddar Cheese (60%)

Spice Table Cheeseburger Source: Ron Dollete

And there you have it. The top 10 burger toppings in Ireland – in all their glory. Cheddar cheese has proven the most popular but the fact that gherkins just sneak on to the list might be a contentious issue for some.

The survey, done by the Guinness Storehouse for its St. Patrick’s Day Festival, also revealed that pineapple is enjoyed by 9 percent of Irish people on their burger.

The concept of pineapple on pizza is already a hotly debated subject. Now, this is taking it to the next level.

So, we’re asking – is pineapple a legitimate burger topping? 

Poll Results:

This shouldn't even be a question. Pineapple on burgers? Never. (1023)
No, absolutely not (579)
Yes, of course it is (558)

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