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12 feelings everyone who hates festival season will relate hard to


FESTIVAL SEASON CAN be a bit of a drag for some. Are you one of those who…

1. Resents the fun


PastedImage-90325 Source: Mark Stedman

2. Secretly feel smug when it’s lashing and you’re at home on the sofa

PastedImage-80426 Source: Mark Stedman, Rollingnews.ie

3. You absolutely despise the fact that you’ve to pay €200 to see one band you like

PastedImage-25172 Source: Mark Stedman

4. Who has even HEARD of those bands?

5. Mud, festival loos, the crowds, the shite watery beer… WHY

PastedImage-45614 Source: Laura Hutton, RollingNews.ie

6. The thought of sleeping in a tent makes your skin crawl

You’ll have the hotel room, thanks.

PastedImage-71104 Source: Mark Stedman, Rollingnews.ie

7. You secretly pity people going off to a festival while pretending you’re totally jealous of all the craic they’ll have

Oh yeah, have fun washing your hair with bottled water and a hangover.

PastedImage-58556 Source: Sasko Lazarov

8. The craic = some lad shouting Alan at 4am in the morning

PastedImage-15260 Source: Sasko Lazarov, Rollingnews.ie

9. If you want to be near the front for your favourite band you’ve to wait HOURS without so much as a wee

Move at your peril. Oh what fun.

PastedImage-8674 Source: Sasko Lazarov

10. Wellies are simply the worst footwear to ever exist, even over crocs

Coloured_Wellies_758_70 Source: thewellyshop.com

NO amount of spotty Dunnes patterns can help them.

11. Did you mention the crowds?

The trek home from any festival, be it bus or beer-reeking car, is basically your seventh circle of hell.

PastedImage-72492 Source: Sam Boal

12. Festival fashion articles will be the end of you

Write one more, we dare you.

afestfashion Source: glamourmagazine

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