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# Growing pains
The 28 most pain in the arse things about finally being a grown up
Well this is the slimmed-down list.

BEING A GROWN up is not what we signed up for when we said we wanted to be treated like adults.

It’s a pain in the arse.

1. You actually have to make your own appointments

2. And shop around for insurance

3. Yes, you have to GET insurance, for all sorts

4. Things have to be dry cleaned for all the weddings you get invited to

5. If you don’t cook, no food magically appears

lifebuzz-ce0057863cf62fb0e0681b0b47909056-limit_2000 Lifebuzz Lifebuzz

6. You end up going to all sorts of horrible appointments alone

7. If the weather is bad, you still have to go to work

8. Oh, let’s not forget working

9. You actually have to remember your friends’ kids names and stuff

10. And nights out depend on babysitters


11. When you’re sick you have to look after yourself, like an animal

12. Naps are kinda frowned upon these days

13. And if you do get one in, your sleep pattern is in shite for a month

14. You actually have to be nice to people you hate

15. No one carries you to bed when you fall asleep

PastedImage-7588 UkuleleHenry, Imgur UkuleleHenry, Imgur

16. You live most of your life in supermarkets

17. Taking clothes on and off the line, my GOD

18. The realisation that literally NOTHING IS FREE

19. Hangovers, self inflicted, but still a downside

20. “Mam said no”, is no longer an excuse to stay in


21. Shaving

22. Sending emails

23. You’re expected to have functioning ‘relationships’

24. Having to try ten times as hard to stay in touch with old friends

25. How long everything takes to do

26. Bingeing on a TV show is kinda seen as a bad thing

27. Your hangovers now last days

28. And finally, accepting the fact that you’ll never receive a ‘work is cancelled today’ email

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