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A girl on First Dates ended up going out with the waiter - and it went very well

When all was nearly lost, he stepped in.

thewaiter2 Source: Channel 4

LAST NIGHT’S FIRST Dates was a rather romantic affair – and there was an unprecedented development in the restaurant as well.

25-year-old Sasha arrived in and sat down at the bar – but her date was running VERY late.

Waiter Sam spotted her immediately when she walked in

thewaiter3 Source: Channel 4

And then it turned out that Sasha’s date had stood her up

Which wasn’t great

It looked like it was going to be heartbreak – but Sam came outside and they had a drink

thewaiter Source: Twitter

It was lovely

Sam was a hero

And they got on really well and had a full date

thewaiter4 Source: Channel 4

It warmed the hearts of everyone watching

But people had one question

When it was over, Sam was literally jumping for joy

jumping Source: Twitter


This was straight out of a romcom

We all believe now

And we got an update that the pair are still dating

This could be LOVE.

Ah, First Dates.

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