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A plea to contestants on First Dates Ireland: if you don’t want to go on a second date, speak first


firstdates Source: RTÉ

THE POST-DATE interview on First Dates Ireland is obviously a time of high stress.

You’ve just had your personality examined by both the nation and the person you’ve had dinner with – and now is the time to make a decision.

But among all the confusion and tension, one rule should be applied by all: if you don’t want to see them again, YOU should go first.

Weirdly, that hardly ever happens. Last week’s episode was the last in a long line of examples:

When Aidan said that he was happy to see Lucy again

aido7 Source: RTE

And then she responded with:

“I’m going to say… no”

aido8 Source: RTE


Think about it for a second – if she just went first and said no, he could save face by also saying no and the whole mortifying scenario could be partially avoided.

The public at home know that’s just basic manners

markryan Source: @MarkRyan1982 Twitter

The production staff might have a hand in this, given it does provide the most dramatic telly, but someone stepping forward with a no right at the start is just a sound move.

For inspiration, it might be useful for new contestants to go all the way back to the first episode.

Daryll got right in there (after a bit of joking) and said he’d prefer to just be friends with Amy

darryl Source: RTE

Now, he might have got a bit of stick for the “Coppers, please” comment in the taxi, but all things considered this is the way to do it:

Source: RTÉ2/YouTube

Quick and to the point.

Another car crash witnessed this season was Richard and Timmie.

Observe Timmie actively letting Richard go first and putting himself out there – before getting the rug pulled from under him in heartbreaking fashion:

Source: RTÉ2/YouTube


He knew full well it would be a no – we simply, as a people, must be sounder in these situations when on national TV

Like, doing this on an actual date without cameras is bad enough, but add in the amount of witnesses to this potential morto scene and the cruelty only adds up.

Simple etiquette, really

Obviously, it’s normal for some dates not to go well – they can’t all be Paddy and Lauren

swash9 Source: RTE

But surely we can all agree that if you don’t feel a spark then it’s up to you to get in there first in the interview

Shout it. Roar it. Stand up and interrupt them. Whatever it takes.

aido9 Source: RTE

Say no first and save your date’s blushes, please.

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