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Thousands of people are watching a fish 'play' Pokémon

No really. People are doing this.

JUST WHEN YOU thought you’d seen everything, there’s a fish playing Pokémon.

Thousands of people have flocked to streaming website Twitch to watch a fish, named Grayson Hopper, ‘play’ Pokémon Red.

Each of the fish’s movements around the tank have been assigned a button – for example, the bottom left-hand corner is the Start button, the top right-hand-corner is the right arrow, and so on.


Grayson has been playing the game for around 135 hours, and his owner says he has caught his first Pokémon, a Charmander named AAAABBK, and defeated his first opponent, a Squirtle.

As you can see from the stream, it’s incredibly slow going.

But that hasn’t stopped thousands of people from watching Grayson’s progress – at the time of writing, a whopping 22,135 people were watching the fish meander around his tank, with some cheering him on.


Grayson even has his own SubReddit, /r/fishplayspokemon, for his ‘fans’ to gather and discuss his latest moves.

We wish him (and them) luck.

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