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Here's why there are headlines about a guy having sex with a fish
It’s just as bad as you think :(

roseofredrock roseofredrock

IF YOU’VE BEEN thumbing through social media over the last few days, you may have come across headlines like this.

Metro Metro

Daily Dot Daily Dot

Or tweets like this:

So why is this? Well, yes. There exists a video of a man having sex with a fish. Or, to be more precise, forcing the fish to perform oral sex on him.

Two men appear in the frankly horrible video, speaking a language which Metro suggests is Romanian. One helps the other to perform the sex act with the animal.

The video appears to have first surfaced – no pun intended – around seven months ago in May. Inexplicably it has remained remarkably solid in popularity since then.

However, its viral popularity has exploded in recent days, with coverage from Metro, Gawker, Uproxx and other viral sites. The Daily Star reports that a Romanian singer named Florin Rada has had to deny appearing in the video.

And a LOT of people are now watching it and sharing it.

You may see the video pop up in your own Facebook feed. But here’s why you shouldn’t watch it:

  • It’s a cruel act of animal abuse.
  • It’s probably illegal, and certainly immoral.
  • Just because something is on the internet, doesn’t mean you have to watch it.
  • If you’re still not convinced, read reasons 1-3 again.

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