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8 glorious foods that are deceptively high in calories

Take a deep breath.

YESTERDAY IT WAS announced that restaurants and takeaways across Ireland will be required to print calories on their menus.

Speaking on the legislation, Minister for Health Leo Varadkar noted that some foods are deceptively high in calories.

Some salads contain more calories than a burger meal.

But salads aren’t the only ones tricking us…

1. Just a spoonful of peanut butter

giphy (12) 90s90s90s / Tumblr 90s90s90s / Tumblr / Tumblr

Eating peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon is one of life’s great pleasures.

But how many calories does each tablespoon contain? 94 calories.

[Puts down the jar.]

2. Hummus

hummus VeganBaking / Flickr VeganBaking / Flickr / Flickr

Similarly addictive and delicious, hummus goes with just about everything and is perfect “sitting in front of Netflix food”. But how calorific is it?

Well, a typical supermarket tub of hummus is about 300g.

So, how many calories will you find in 100g? 166.

3. A slice of Meateor pizza from Domino’s

219 calories. Per slice.

4. One glorious Custard Cream

IDShot_540x540 Tesco Tesco

One measly Custard Cream will set you back 62 calories.

5. A small cup of hot chocolate

website-pic Insomnia Insomnia

According to Insomnia’s nutritional information, one small hot chocolate with full fat milk contains 372 calories.


6. A handful of nuts

cashew Asim Bijarani / Flickr Asim Bijarani / Flickr / Flickr

Nuts are undoubtedly a healthy snack and better than horsing into a bag of Tayto, but those little nutspack in a lot of calories. For example, just 13/14 cashew nuts (essentially a small handful) contains 100 calories.

Kitchn has created a visual guide as to what 100 calories of nuts looks like here.

7. Your Sunday morning fry-up

fullirish Irish Fireside / Flickr Irish Fireside / Flickr / Flickr

Two sausages, two rashers, one fried egg, one white pudding, one fried tomato, fried mushrooms and two slices of toast — it may be the breakfast of champions, but it carries a whole lot of calories.

1362 calories, to be precise.


8. A single, solitary slice of cheddar

sliceofcheddar Daniel Oines / Flickr Daniel Oines / Flickr / Flickr

Are you prone to working on your night cheese à la Liz Lemon? It might interest (read: depress) you to know that a single slice of cheddar has 113 calories.

BRB, crying into a bowl of grated cheese.

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