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4 events for... foodies in search of a new flavour
From Chinese New Year events to pot luck dinners, foodies are spoiled for choice this week.
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4 events foodies should check out this Christmas
Love food? In Ireland over Christmas? Look no further.
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The Happy Pear (and other Irish cafés) will appear on this Netflix show - here's what you need to know
The Greystones duo are set to appear on I’ll Have What Phil’s Having, a food travel show on Netflix.
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18 new Irish Snapchatters to make your feed 100% more interesting
Liven up yer auld Snaps!
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17 #FoodPorn photos that only Irish people will appreciate
Hang sangwiches and sausage blaas <3
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This guy is livetweeting his attempt to eat 200 grim courses in 24 hours
A true test of human strength.
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16 Irish food accounts to make you dribble on Instagram
Is it lunchtime yet?
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Forget 'notions' food like quinoa and lentils, Irish people still love bacon and cabbage
We’re a traditional bunch…
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Ireland's Happy Pear twins to star on Jamie Oliver's food channel
They made the announcement today.
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One Irish restaurant has been named in the world's top 100
Can you guess where it is? (It’s not Burdock’s)
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Ronan Keating and girlfriend Storm have a joint Twitter account
They’ll be tweeting about all the nice food they eat. Lucky us.
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Instagramming food may actually hurt your taste buds
Put down the phone… unless you’re on a diet.
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You can eat in every 3-Michelin starred restaurant in the world... for €209,000
That’s the cost per couple of a new elite foodie tour. Per couple? Bargain, so.
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25 of the most expensive tasting menus on earth
They can have up to 30 small dishes – but you’ll pay dearly for the mastery.
How gastronomy can make us more conscious of the true value of food
The original 19th century gastronomy movement encouraged restraint and reflection – and should make us sensitive to “smart, site-specific” agriculture to address the issue of how to feed the world well.
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What does food look like at a Michelin 3-star restaurant?
This is what it looks like at Alinea in Chicago.
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Electric Picnic: Grub's up at the Theatre of Food
The Theatre of Food will bring a sense of drama to eating out at the Electric Picnic – we line up what you can expect to nibble at over the weekend.