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This guy is livetweeting his attempt to eat 200 grim courses in 24 hours

A true test of human strength.

WHILE YOU MIGHT think six courses is overdoing it a bit, there’s a restaurant out there that offers a 200 course tasting menu.

Bespoke-Offers_200-courses-1-680x509 Source: Lavenderandlovage

Seem do-able? Well, you also have to consume it within 24 hours, which makes it basically an eating marathon.

Bompas and Parr have teamed up with Bespoke Offers to create The 200 Club, which claims to be the longest tasting menu in the world, and we wouldn’t argue with them.

What about sleep, you say?

There will be 10 meals with 20 dishes in each and forget sleeping, this will be a 24 hour marathon of greed, gluttony and gastronomy, in the best possible sense.

Bespoke-Offers_200-Courses-9-680x509 Source: Lavenderandlovage

A journalist from the Times in the UK, Valentine Low, is currently embarking on the culinary trek, and is livetweeting his every move.

Sounds like a good idea, yeah?

The breakfast looked quite gelatinous

They just get stranger and stranger

There’s even a chewing gum course. CHEWING GUM

That was the green lunch and it was grim, let’s be honest.

The blue is up next, and it looks equally as unappetising to the common palette

Let’s all take a moment to #PrayForVal. You can follow the rest of his journey @valentinelow

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