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6 reasons to lobby for a four-day week

All those lovely extra duvet days. Yes please.

WE’RE IN THE midst of a four-day week for a lot of working people, and there’s another one of the way soon.

Earlier this year in The Gambia in Africa the whole country was gifted with a shorter working week.

We like their style over there in The Gambia, so  let us tell you why it’s is a marvelous idea.

1. Happier workers

You would only be in work for four days, so it’s a bit of a no brainer, right?

A whole extra day to stay in bed, get stuff done, go out and about. Bliss.


On the flip side, a Bank Holiday does make the Sunday night fear that little bit worse on a Monday night.

Does that mean that if we had a four-day week the fear would just be intensified every Monday night?

2. More productivity

Happier workers = more productivity, surely.

Also a four-day week would likely mean longer working days, meaning just as much, IF NOT MORE, work would get done.


3. One less day to deal with traffic

Is there anything worse than Monday morning traffic… IN THE RAIN?

If you had one less day to sit in the car or on the bus, chances are your life would just be that little bit brighter.


4. Ergo, less pollution and less road rage


5. Fewer sick days

If people are only in work four days a week, they might be less likely to take a day off because of sickness, or “sickness”.

6. More family time

Psst… we know some of you (and some of us in here) have to work on Bank Holiday Mondays, or on weekends, so here’s something extra special for you:

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