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This woman wants to make 'temporary freckles' the next beauty trend

Irish people say “WUT?!”

TO ALL THE people who hated their freckles as kids: You may want to steady yourselves for this news. Freckles are trendy now.

Los Angeles woman Remi Brixton always wanted freckles, but found it difficult to create “realistic” ones by herself.

Freck your #selfie ⚡️⚡️ #gofreckyourself #losangeles Source: Instagram/freckyourself

So she created Freck Yourself - temporary tattoos designed to mimic natural freckles perfectly.

You simply stick a freckle stencil on your face, then apply a fake tan-like product until you have the freckly visage you so desire.

getfrecked Source: Kickstarter

Naturally pale and freckled Irish people, it’s perfectly alright to be wondering, “Wait. People actually WANT freckles?” right now.

Yesterday's hair & makeup Source: Instagram/freckyourself

Well, yes, they do. Brixton says:

There’s nothing more beautiful to me than bare skin and fresh freckles. To me, they’re the mark of rebellious dreamers, wild adventurists, and unapologetic natural beauty.

She’s looking for $215,000 in Kickstarter donations to help get her business off the ground – the page is loaded with grateful testimonials from women who’ve always dreamed of having freckles.

I couldn’t have been happier with how my freckles turned out. The freckles looked so natural and absolutely adorable.

@phiphibb got frecked☄ #freckyourselfie #freckles Source: Instagram/freckyourself

But people who obtained their freckles naturally are a little incredulous.

We have just one question: Would they ever do a temporary farmer’s tan line? We have a feeling that could be the big beauty trend for 2016…

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