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This man won a free holiday but couldn't bring his wife, so he took the saddest pictures


THIS IS KEVIN Blandford from Kentucky. 

You may be wondering why he looks so miserable, despite his lovely surroundings.

Kbxuavi Source: Imgur

d8BRQTi Source: Imgur

According to BuzzFeed, Kevin was awarded a free holiday to Puerto Rico for ‘extraordinary performance’ at work but because of the nature of the trip, his wife Bonnie and their 7-month-old child couldn’t come along.

cAd96yy Source: Imgur

2q0LMzW Source: Imgur

His wife was upset that she couldn’t go, so Kevin decided to take pictures that reflected how much he missed his family – and the photos subsequently went viral on Imgur.

u6BoaIZ Source: Imgur

Of course, the question on everyone’s lips was: Who took the photos then?

“A dedicated friend,” apparently.

18ocvZT Source: Imgur

“I’m glad it’s made some people laugh,” he told Buzzfeed. Oh Kevin.

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