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9 reasons why you might need a hug today
Bring it in bro, bring it in.

THIS WEEK THE earth celebrated World Kindness Day, so here’s a selection of hugs for you take out and enjoy whenever you need them.

You might be particularly grateful if any of these things happened to you today…

1. You thought someone was waving at you and you waved back… but they weren’t waving at you

Mrwgifs Mrwgifs

Here, you’re going to need this:

Imgur Imgur

2. This happened to you several times at work

Hug it out:

3. Someone was holding the door for you and you were too far away and had to start jogging

We’ve all been there:


4. There was an unexpected item in the bagging area

You need this:

Imgur Imgur

5. You saw a picture of your ex with their new boyfriend/girlfriend

Don’t mind them:

Reactiongifs Reactiongifs

6. This happened



Imgur Imgur

7. You left a red sock in the white wash


Imgur Imgur

Come on now:

Bitcandy Bitcandy

8. You got home and remembered there’s no sheets on your bed

Let us help:

Imgur Imgur

9. Why do you even bother?

Imgur Imgur

Cuddle in:

Imgur Imgur

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