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The 12 emotions of a Friday afternoon

Life is a rollercoaster…


It’s lunchtime. There’s only a few hours to go until the weekend, and wild horses couldn’t stop you from treating yourself to a fancy sandwich and some notions crisps.

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You’ve spent €7 on a sandwich. You ate it too quickly. Now it’s gone, and you feel a bit too full but somehow so empty.

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You have a meeting post-lunch. How is time going so slowly? Has it stood still? Is it going backwards.

Your boss is talking and all you want to do is:

how i feel during friday afternoon meetings - Imgur Source: Imgur

More disbelief

You return from the meeting and someone has sent you a lengthy and demanding work-related email.



All that can wait though. You’ve earned yourself a little break. Time to see who’s on the chat shows tonight.

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Or maybe you’re going to tape the Late Late and head out after all.

It's Friday afternoon everyone! - Imgur Source: Imgur


It’s not even five o’clock and already you’ve had a tiny but terrifying flashforward to Sunday evening.

eoin-whelehan-symptons-of-the-fear Source: Jamartprints


CanIGoYet? CanIGoYet? CanIGoYet?

Fuck it's Friday afternoon, can I go yet???? - Imgur Source: Imgur


Oh CHRIST, you still haven’t dealt with that lengthy and demanding work-related email.



WHY IS TIME MOVING SO QUICKLY? You’re never going to get this done in time. Why did you spend so long Googling “who’s on Graham Norton tonight?”?

Me on a Friday afternoon. - Imgur Source: Imgur


You’ve done it. It’s home time. Take the shackles off your feet so you can dance.

Biggest smile ever!! - Imgur Source: Imgur


Leaving work on Friday afternoon. - Imgur Source: Imgur

The world’s longest conveyer belt is clearly visible from space>

You can finally have the pet dinosaur you’ve always wanted>

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