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The 5 greatest horrors you must face when cleaning your fridge


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TODAY, AS YOU may or may not know, is National Clean Your Fridge Day.

If you’re at work right now, ask yourself: is there a festering lagoon of filth putrefying in your cooler cabinet at this moment?

If you’re at home, simply go and look in the fridge. If you dare.

In reverse order, here are the greatest horrors you will face when doing battle with your fridge.

(Psst: What’s the worst you’ve ever found in yours? Let us know in the comments…)

5. Ancient meat

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It’s the smell that is horrifying, perhaps more than anything else. This is usually the first thing that alerts you to the fact that you need to send a Haz-Mat team into the refrigerator without further ado.

4. Carrot juice

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The fridge equivalent of an unexploded landmine. The carrots (or whatever vegetable) look all innocent until you unthinkingly scoop them up, sluicing black liquid all over your shoes and legwear.

3. Prehistoric leftovers

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The kind that make you throw away a perfectly good lunchbox, just because you can’t face dealing with whatever is inside.

2. Mouldy cream cheese

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The fridge’s stealth weapon. The packet looks pristine as you reach in, thinking happy thoughts about the sandwich in your immediate future. And then BAM. There’s a whole civilisation on your Philadelphia.

1. Fridge juice

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The absolute worst. Not only is it completely unexplainable, it also gets all over everything else. You can mop it up, but it will only come back.

At this point you may wish to simply buy a new fridge.

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever found in your fridge? Let us know in the comments…

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