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10 things you know when you've been friends with someone for yonks

It’s a special kind of deal.

SOMETIMES BFFS REALLY does mean ‘best friends forever’.

If you and your besto have known each other since you were both babbies, there comes a certain kind of knowledge.

They will never, ever let you forget your awkward phase

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That time you chopped off all your hair in First Year to emulate Mel C? They remember.

You have anecdotes going back to primary school, and everyone has heard them hundreds of times

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“AND WE WERE SO CUTE!” “Yeah, yeah.”

Your other friends think of you as a pair

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It’s a two for one deal.

Even if they have forgiven their horrid ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, you never will

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Shame on you, Smelly Dan from Sixth Year!

When someone asks you to keep a secret, you assume telling your besto don’t count

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It’s just how it goes.

There is definitely some degree of telepathy there


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Sometimes it feels like your mam likes them more than she likes you

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“And how is Patrick? Is he getting on well at work? Tell me how’s his girlfriend?”

They have seen you at your very worst

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Snotty. Vomit-y. Hysterical after your first boyfriend broke up with you.

You might fall out of touch from time to time

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Life gets in the way.

But when you meet up again, it’ll be the exact same as it was before

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