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Some hero has recreated your favourite TV shows in The Sims 4

Ever wondered what Central perk would look like in The Sims?

SOME ABSOLUTE GENIUS is recreating shows like Friends, Arrested Development and Seinfeld in The Sims 4.

Gamer “IanRoach” has spent what seems like a lot of time meticulously recreating sets and characters from the aforementioned shows in The Sims 4 and the results are pretty impressive.

Here’s the flat from Seinfeld.

seinfeldsims Imgur Imgur

George, Jerry and Elaine gabbing away, as Kramer prepares to interrupt in the background.

seinfeldsims2 Imgur Imgur

Monica’s apartment from Friends.

friendsism2 Imgur Imgur

Chandler and Joey’s gaff.

friendssims Imgur Imgur

And, home away from home, Central Perk!

freindssim2 Imgur Imgur

And, of course, this uncanny representation of the model home from Arrested Development.

arresteddevelopment Imgur Imgur


You can view more of IanRoach’s work, nay, art, here.

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