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The story of how this little boy became best friends with a duck is adorable

Little Tyler and Beaker.

duck3 Source: Facebook

IT ALL STARTED out when Tyler was just nine months old.

He spotted a little duckling called Beaker at the pet store and loved him so much that his parents bought him right there and then.

And it was the beginning of a wonderful friendship

duck4 Source: Facebook

And their story is so cute that they even have their own dedicated Facebook page called Mr T and Bee where they are based in the US.

And now that Tyler is three, the pair are still inseparable

duck5 Source: Facebook

Tyler’s mam Jennifer Young told Metro that they are best friends, and Tyler and Beaker are starting to become quite the little internet celebrities:

From sun up to sundown they cause chaos. Bee steals snacks when Tyler isn’t looking, they play outside together, go to the park together, enjoy wagon rides together, and Bee is always supervising bath time.
Bee begs at meals, wakes Tyler up when he’s supposed to be sleeping, and plays with him every afternoon in his playroom.

They still go everywhere together <3

duck2 Source: Facebook

And hang around the house as a right pair

duck1 Source: Facebook

Tyler takes him for drives all the time

cookies3 Source: Facebook

As his mam told Metro, Bee keeps his eye on little Tyler at all times too:

Bee is extremely protective my son. If he cries, Bee quacks and runs to him.
If he hears him wake up from his nap he will run to his door and make a scene, wanting to go see his boy.


cookies2 Source: Facebook

Best friends forever

duckie Source: Facebook

G’wan Tyler and Beaker.

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