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7 brilliant covers of Let It Go that you absolutely must hear

Let it goooooooo, let it goooooo. The cold never bothered us anyway.

THE INTERNET HAS gone Frozen crazy. Well, the world, actually. The Disney Animation feature has surpassed the Lion King to become the studio’s biggest box office success to date.

People are loving Frozen, especially the movie’s anchor song, Let It Go.

Let It Go was overlooked for a Golden Globe this weekend in favour of a U2 song Ordinary Love. Mistakes were made, that’s fine, we’ll hold out for the Oscar.


It’s now a staple in our lives. How many people sing Ordinary Love in the shower?




We’re sure she’s kidding…


Here’s the track, sung by Glee star Idina Menzel (Rachel Berry’s ma)


In case the original is starting to grind on you (yeah, right) here are seven of the best covers and versions on the internet, for your listening pleasure.

Let it goooo.

1. Disney Channel star Demi Lovato belting the song during the Disney Parade


2. The enchanting French version


3. The metal version that kinda sounds like the darkness


4. The adorable little sisters version

Aaron Mendez

5. 4-year-old Ella’s charming effort

Little Ella

6. The perfect track to serenade your dog with

Gina Naomi Baez

7. And finally, the profane honest version. BAD BAD LANGUAGE within.

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