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There's a rather unusual Frozen doll for sale in Meath...

Let it goooo.

FROZEN DOLLS ARE undoubtedly the must-have toy this Christmas, selling out in minutes and even causing a few fights in shop aisles between desperate parents.

Trying to get them online isn’t much easier, with the Disney toys going for as much as €300 on online marketplaces–and that’s before the bidding war.


Never fear, some gas ticket is selling one on for a mere €150.

Check it out.



The Meath seller says:

Nows your chance to own this one and only Frozen Doll
Doll has been left in the freezen for over 24 hours so it is genuine frozen doll
(no dolls were harmed in the making of this ad)

Deadly. Christmas is saved.

If they’re not happy with that, just give them the cold hard cash.

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