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frozen pants

It's so cold in this US city that everyone is quite literally freezing their pants off

Aw, you guys.

WE THINK WE KNOW cold here in Ireland, but we have no idea.

In the US state of Minnesota, it’s currently so cold that people have started doing freezing trousers for fun. Yep, that’s exactly what you think it is.

Locals are soaking their trousers in water, hanging them outside to freeze, then setting them out like creepy, creepy lawn ornaments.

The trend was started by Tom Grotting, who has been doing it to prank his neighbours since 2013.

“Now all over Northeast Minneapolis, people are freezing their pants,” he told ABC News.

“I mostly do it for my neighbour, Diane. The winter gets a little long and she doesn’t like it very much, so it’s mostly entertainment for Diane.”


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