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Lidl "at a loss" to explain 'fruit whispering' signs, as more appear

This sh*t is bananas.

FRESH FROM THE Dunnes Stores bag mystery, we’re faced with another supermarket conundrum.

In the past few days signs warning against the dangers of whispering to fruit have been appearing in shops, like this one in an unidentified Lidl store:

QlZdBqo Source: rhinorasterbator/Imgur

And this one in a Spar on the north quays:

jHrXkpe Source: Imgur

And then Kate Buckley got in touch to tell us she took this picture on Moore Street the other day:


People are perplexed, and rightly so.

We’ve asked Lidl what’s going on, and either they really don’t have a clue, or they’re being infuriatingly coy.

A spokesperson told DailyEdge.ie that they are:

…as perplexed as you are. We’d love to know where it has come from!

When pressed we were told:

We are at a loss to explain it. Very random!!

Our theories are threefold:

  • Something to do with Mrs Brown’s Boys. Because of the fruit seller connection you see
  • A guerilla fruit company marketing campaign to sex up satsumas, or boost banana sales
  • Some messer is on a solo crusade to befuddle us

Any more sightings? Email them to tips@dailyedge.ie

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