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This picture of a fry caused a massive debate about beans in full Irish breakfasts

Dividing the whole internet, it would appear.

YESTERDAY, AN AMERICAN visitor to Ireland posted a few images of food he sampled during his stay here – and they quickly skyrocketed on Imgur to over 300,000 views.

Chief amongst them was this delicious looking full Irish breakfast:

fryup Source: imgur

In the comment section of Reddit’s /r/food, a friendly debate started as to whether those baked beans should be on the plate. Some thought they were imposters, while others defended the beans.

First a hypothetical set of arguments about what makes a true full Irish was put forward

beansstart Source: Reddit

And a defence of the humble tinned beans we all know and love

literally Source: Reddit

There’s no such thing as homemade beans on a fry

agreed Source: Reddit

This Irish person rarely uses beans though

reeepklace Source: flickr

The discussion boiled down to beans – yes or no

beansreplace6 Source: Reddit

American commenters were quick to row in on the issue as well

beansreplace3 Source: flickr

Nobody will ever agree on this important issue though

hadtochoose Source: Reddit

So that just leaves us with this burning question: do you take beans in your full Irish?

Poll Results:

Of course. (991)
No. Beans have no place in a proper fry. (703)
I don't care either way, just give me a fry. (564)

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