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Questionable 90s merchandise that might be worth a fortune*

*Well, a tenner at least.

YOU’VE PROBABLY CLEARED out most of the junk you kept as a kid.

But if you grew up during the 1990s and were feeling nostalgic did you ever consider the vast array of tat you could possibly still have lurking around your home?

And by tat we mean some of these incredible 90s merchandise moments.

1.  Questionable handheld computer games

Sure why would you have a Game Boy when you could just play the one Jurassic Park game over and over?

The Real 90s/ Tumblr

2. A Power Rangers plate

Our 90s selves wouldn’t eaten off anything else:

FrickYeah90s / Tumblr

3. Anything to do with Space Jam

A t-shirt perhaps?

via Grave and Most Glorious

Or a travel game perhaps?

FrickYeah90s / Tumblr

4. Callcards

Preferably ones with some kind of interesting design because half the time you were just collecting them because they looked nice:

via Adverts.ie

5. Anything to do with the The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Real 90s/ Tumblr

6.  A comprehensive Pokémon card collection:

FrickYeah90s / Tumblr

7. Spice Girls related silliness

They put their name on everything but we reckon the Spice Pencils were some of the silliest things they branded:

FrickYeah90s / Tumblr

And their Chupa Chuyps lollipops:

The Real 90s/ Tumblr

8. Britney Spears related nonsense

For those who thought the late 90s might see a shift away from tacky branding of pop acts towards small children then allow us to present you with this:

Those Were the 90s / Tumblr

And of course you could wear this t-shirt while sitting in it:

FrickYeah90s / Tumblr

9. A USA 94 Sticker Book

Nothing speaks of a misspent youth than a Panini sticker book:

via eBay

10. Zig and Zag related products

Chances are you owned a copy of this:

via eBay

And watched this :

via Amazon.co.uk

Plus you knew every word to this:

via Discogs

11. All things Italia 90

Not just the jerseys and stuffed toys but a commemorative video:

via eBay

And a sheet of stamps that you’d use for all the “I LOVE FOOTBALL SO MUCH” letters you were going to send you friends

via eBay

On this night in 1993 you were listening to… Haddaway>

Stop everything, there’s a Captain Planet movie in the works>

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