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13 examples of toilet graffiti that will make you chuckle

Bathroom philosophers.

1. This scientific equation

2. An honest rating

nwwVP5H Source: Imgur

3. Please, Scotty, no

jDissHZ Source: Imgur

4. Really forces you to reevaluate everything, huh?

m3sEBMz Source: Imgur

5. This profound back-and-forth

G8oFPwh Source: Imgur

6. *applause*

1EKzoo7 Source: Imgur


8. HELP.

9. It’s funny, because it’s true


10. This plea that could apply to any of us, really

676YnI4 Source: Imgur

11. This confrontational baby

fXKivZA Source: Imgur

12. :O

13. And, finally, this excellent joke

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