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# Toilet Humour
13 examples of toilet graffiti that will make you chuckle
Bathroom philosophers.

1. This scientific equation

2. An honest rating

nwwVP5H Imgur Imgur

3. Please, Scotty, no

jDissHZ Imgur Imgur

4. Really forces you to reevaluate everything, huh?

m3sEBMz Imgur Imgur

5. This profound back-and-forth

G8oFPwh Imgur Imgur

6. *applause*

1EKzoo7 Imgur Imgur


8. HELP.

9. It’s funny, because it’s true

10. This plea that could apply to any of us, really

676YnI4 Imgur Imgur

11. This confrontational baby

fXKivZA Imgur Imgur

12. :O

13. And, finally, this excellent joke

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