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20 of the most Cork things that ever happened

Never change, Cork.

1. The time someone made an absolute hames of painting a bicycle

2. The time Cork’s biggest talk show got a masturbation joke in their ad

Why play with the knob?

QyHgvu6 Source: Imgur

3. The time these lads saw the Google van coming and said “Cheese!”

KSuO7AY Source: Imgur

4. The time the name of this shop caused everyone to do a double take

NuJijJb Source: Imgur

5. The time this guy gave a chair a backie

6. The time this crowd just couldn’t resist a “bullocks” pun

7. The time this car park gave the most Irish directions ever

8. The time this lad stumbled upon a pothole in Lismire… and discovered that it was basically a swimming pool

KhvtO Source: Imgur

insta Source: stephaniecronin23/YouTube

9. The time this pole dancing club advertised the services of its three-armed dancer

10. The time someone made the “Keep Calm” meme their own

11. The time Google thought this was the local Starbucks

12. The time someone made a balls of the gaff and had it advertised around town

13. The time this pub gave preferential sausage treatment to people who voted Yes

14. The time this was an acceptable way to address a letter

CUKQ0YpWIAADBfO Source: Richard Jacob/Twitter

15. The time this three-bedroom house in Mallow was put on the market for €43 million

download Source: MyHome.ie

16. The time Roy Keane’s biography was given the special treatment it deserved

download (1) Source: Aoife Barry

17. And the time Roy was enlisted to give people filthies in the pub

B8ZBNuaCMAA91pHSource: Denis McCarthy/Twitter

18. The time this chipper saw an opportunity for a pun and ran with it

19. The time Paul told it like it was

CElkBqLWgAACtc2 Source: Susan Burke Trehy/Twitter

20. And the time someone made the most Cork road sign of all time

CLz5vvnUEAEmHM2 Source: Kate Longmate/Twitter

Go handy.



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