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The Guide To Dumping Your Other Half

Read this before you kick them to the kerb.

BREAKING UP IS hard to do.

In fact, looking someone in the eye and telling them it’s over is one of the most difficult things many of us will have to face. But fret not, dearest love-starved readers, because DailyEdge.ie is here to give you a helping hand.

Grab some tissues and let’s begin.

Make sure it’s what you both really want

Are you sure it’s really run its course? … Are they?

Image: Imgur

Get your reasons straight

You could even do up a Friends-style pros and cons list. If it’s mostly cons, like below, it might be time to tap the eject button.

Image: Cup of Zup

Try to keep things light

Like with a nice treasure hunt.

Image: Imgur

Keep it private

Or at least, don’t hire out a billboard.

Image: Complex

Try to avoid getting personal

Hey, the dog didn’t sanction that breach of trust. Leave him out of this mess.

Image: Grated

Be nice!

After all, you shared some beautiful times together.

Image: Complex

And if you can’t be nice, bring food

Food always helps.

Image: Yahoo

Failing that… Always get the last laugh

Image: Imgur

What’s your worst break-up story?

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