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13 insightful things we learnt from sandwich boards
I saw the sign, it lifted up my life, I saw the sign.

THE CHALKBOARD IN cafes and bars serve as the canvas for the wittiest member of staff to unleash their creativity.

We all have that one person in work who thinks they’re a budding comedian. Imagine if that person was allowed to write their jokes in huge letters across the office wall?

Doesn’t bear thinking about.

1. Cheesy puns

Image: Imgur

2. You don’t really need hyponosis to get us to eat tacos, though

Image: Tumblr

3. Honesty is the best policy

Image: Conspiracy

4. Agreed

Image: Tumblr

5. Romance is not dead

Image: Too Much Time

6. But what about Friday and Saturday?

Image: Ego TV

7. Only slightly more enthusiastic than “water of life” I guess

Image: Too Much Time

8. And how exactly is that served?

Image: Imgur

9. Does that come with a bread roll?

Image: Too Much Time

10. Just what kind of establishment is this?

Image: Refined Guy

11. Only if we can buy the steak for whoever wrote this sign

Image: Tumblr

12. Our three favourite things in bars

Image: Happy Place

13. Tell us how you really feel…

Image: Bowery Boogie

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