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15 gas tweets that anyone who went to school in Ireland will appreciate

“Is mise Bart Simpson.”

1. You know you went to an Irish secondary school when you forget how to speak Irish… but you can still say this off by heart

giphy (16) Source: Giphy

2. Pretty much ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

giphy (17) Source: Reddit

3. Ah yes, that ancient Irish proverb.

4. Remember sniggering in class every time the teacher said “scraggy wee shits”?

giphy (18)

5. “Go Tobann” – for when you want to make your Irish essay about going to a U2 concert very exciting

6. When you refuse to give up on the dream of getting 600 points

7. When hearing any beep gives you palpitations

8. When you’re not at all surprised to see that this was in an Irish schoolbook

“Yep, looks about right to me.”

9. When you can’t really speak French despite studying it for six years… but you can drop the term “auberge de jeunesse” into conversation if needs be

10. Music education in Ireland:

11. Sure, what else would they be doing?

giphy (19) Source: climatcocotier/Tumblr

12. We all knew at least one genius who thought this would work

giphy (20) Source: knight-industries-two-thousand/Tumblr

13. You’re not proud of how much you depended on Less Stress, More Success and Revise Wise


14. This is what constituted a big scoop in school…

“And it works!”

giphy (21) Source: Giphy

15. And finally… you’ll always get a little flutter in stomach when you hear those dreaded Back To School ads

Until you remember an adult and you don’t have to go to school anymore.

giphy (22) Source: Giphy


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