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# world's worst
The boldest dog in Ireland stole a phone, with hilarious results
The most intense standoff you’ve ever seen.
# minions
Watch these Tipp kids hilariously insist they didn't play with any paint
“Daniel, who got the paint?” “She did.”
# bambi on ice
This Dublin man shared an old home video of him trying to ice skate, and it's hilarious
Gifted on the ice he is not.
# dammit
This man built a fence to keep his dog in the yard, but there's just one problem...
# stinky
This little girl is far too impressed by her own farts
Better out than your eye, we guess?
# yes this is dog
This hilarious video will reward anyone who gets to the 20-second mark
Ah, the internet.
# mammy vs spider
This Irish mam's epic battle with a huge spider is the funniest thing you'll see today
“I’ll get him with the vacuum cleaner! NO, HE’LL COME OUT OF IT!”
# house of mouse
Three Irish roommates' hilarious hunt for a mouse in the house is going viral
# haaapin' turf
Bogfit is back with some excellent tips on footin' and haaapin' the turf
Leapfrogs, turfcutters, haymakers – all the latest exercises are here.
# stupid maaan
This is what happens when you get in the way of the Queen's Guard
Careful now.
# turn that turf
'Bogfit' is the newest (and greatest) fitness craze to sweep Ireland
Haven’t you heard? Come on, keep up.
# seeing double
This baby met his mam's twin for the first time and got hilariously spooked
OK, which one of you is my real mam. FESS UP.
# i cannay hold on
This Scottish man got stuck on a roof, and he's not at all happy about it
NSFW language ahead. Be warned.
# ice scream
Just a cat, experiencing a brain freeze for the first time
Love ice cream. Hate the brain freezes.
# hooonnk
Did you know that koalas could make this hilarious noise?
We can’t take them seriously any more.
# stairway to heaven
Just a baby pygmy goat, trying to figure out how to use stairs
Stairs are hard, yo.
# hey andrew
This guy annoys his colleagues all day with the WORST jokes, and it's hilarious
So bad, they’re brilliant.
# daddy's beer
Man finds out his wife is pregnant, has hilariously underwhelmed reaction
This little girl had a totally honest reaction to finding out she's going to be a big sister
No messing about with this one.
# gimme gimme gimme
This raccoon is you when you're mad at someone, but they offer you food
Reluctantly grabbing dem treats.
# all about dat bass
This little girl enthusiastically dancing to hip-hop is you in the club on Friday night
“Do you hear the bass?”
# Gotcha
A guy tried to take a selfie in front of a fire and quickly learned his lesson
Watch yourself(ie).
# gimme dat
This video is definitive proof that babies are just tiny drunk people
Just doing their own thing.
# grow up
Woman completely snots herself while trying to steal a potted plant
And CCTV captured it all for your enjoyment.
# granny grey
This Irish granny's foul-mouthed reaction to Fifty Shades of Grey is priceless
“Plundered your woman’s drawers and all!”
# let the beat drop
Here's how you use a car's bass system to get snow off the roof
All about dat bass.
# jump up to get down
Cat makes a complete hames of jumping onto the wardrobe
Elegance personified.
# Dancing on Ice
This 10 second video of a man slipping on ice is magnificent
Better than RTÉ guy? You tell us.
# hey siri
Italian granny tries to learn how to use Siri, gets hilariously frustrated
All she wants to know is what time it is in Italy.
# Boo!
Just a kitten, getting mightily spooked by a DVD
# Snow Joke
Man laughs at dog slipping on ice, gets instant karma
# Cast Away
Tom Hanks was finally reunited with Wilson last night
# push it real good
Watch a news reporter mercilessly deal with a would-be videobomber
Get out da way.
# tunnel of hate
Please, take two minutes to watch babies being scared of tunnels
Babies just don’t like tunnels.
# whoops
Bungling thief tries to steal some booze, fails hilariously
*shakes head*
# frost bit
This Derry teen's excellent response to the cold snap (and amazing accent) is going viral
Hoy noy broyn coy.
# damn dirty ape
Monkey steals a sandwich from a tourist's bag and eats it, like a boss
# soft chicky
This hen purrs like a cat when it's rubbed
# birds and bees
Parents have 'the talk' with their kids on camera, and it's just as awkward as you'd expect
Scarlet for yer ma.
# edna kennedy
Hapless American tourists attempt to act out typical Irish conversations
“Can’t believe Edna Kennedy is still Toysick.”