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The boldest dog in Ireland stole a phone, with hilarious results

The most intense standoff you’ve ever seen.

Watch these Tipp kids hilariously insist they didn't play with any paint

“Daniel, who got the paint?” “She did.”

This little girl is far too impressed by her own farts

Better out than your eye, we guess?

This Irish mam's epic battle with a huge spider is the funniest thing you'll see today

“I’ll get him with the vacuum cleaner! NO, HE’LL COME OUT OF IT!”

Three Irish roommates' hilarious hunt for a mouse in the house is going viral


Bogfit is back with some excellent tips on footin' and haaapin' the turf

Leapfrogs, turfcutters, haymakers – all the latest exercises are here.

'Bogfit' is the newest (and greatest) fitness craze to sweep Ireland

Haven’t you heard? Come on, keep up.

This baby met his mam's twin for the first time and got hilariously spooked

OK, which one of you is my real mam. FESS UP.

This Scottish man got stuck on a roof, and he's not at all happy about it

NSFW language ahead. Be warned.

Just a cat, experiencing a brain freeze for the first time

Love ice cream. Hate the brain freezes.

Did you know that koalas could make this hilarious noise?

We can’t take them seriously any more.

This raccoon is you when you're mad at someone, but they offer you food

Reluctantly grabbing dem treats.

This video is definitive proof that babies are just tiny drunk people

Just doing their own thing.

Woman completely snots herself while trying to steal a potted plant

And CCTV captured it all for your enjoyment.

This Irish granny's foul-mouthed reaction to Fifty Shades of Grey is priceless

“Plundered your woman’s drawers and all!”

Cat makes a complete hames of jumping onto the wardrobe

Elegance personified.

This 10 second video of a man slipping on ice is magnificent

Better than RTÉ guy? You tell us.

Italian granny tries to learn how to use Siri, gets hilariously frustrated

All she wants to know is what time it is in Italy.

Please, take two minutes to watch babies being scared of tunnels

Babies just don’t like tunnels.

Hapless American tourists attempt to act out typical Irish conversations

“Can’t believe Edna Kennedy is still Toysick.”

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