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Man finds out his wife is pregnant, has hilariously underwhelmed reaction


Y’KNOW ALL THOSE super-cute pregnancy announcement videos that have done the rounds over the past year or two? With the crying husbands and thoughtful gifts? Think of this as the antidote to that.

Jordan Cocklin’s wife Kelsey found out she was pregnant, and decided to surprise the father-to-be with the news by putting some bottles labelled ‘Daddy’s Beer’ and ‘Oops’ into their fridge.

Unfortunately, she didn’t get quite the reaction that she’d hoped for.

Source: Texasagg2010/YouTube

What is this? *disappointed voice* Oh. For real?

Cocklin later told Buzzfeed that he’s actually really excited about the pregnancy – he was just quite shocked:

Any new dad is going to have an original feeling of shock, mine just happened to be caught on camera.

Ah Jordan. You’ll be GRAND.

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