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The journalist behind this cringey newspaper 'howler' says it's not a mistake

It was all a great joke, apparently.

IT’S NOT OFTEN that all of Twitter completely misses the joke – but here is one of those rare occurrences.

This morning, Twitter was abuzz over an apparent mistake in an article by Tim Blair of Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, concerning Australian teenagers joining Islamic State:

I furken derya to find a better name than Furken Derya.

People immediately assumed the sentence was a massive ‘howler’, a mistake that shouldn’t have seen the light of day – as you would.

But according to Blair himself, the sentence was meant to be there as a little joke:

Behold the indignation! Naturally, Twitter’s outrage police are in their usual state – although one or two happy dissenters seem not to have entirely lost their minds.

…Right. Sure. OK. We believe you, buddy.

H/T Buzzfeed

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