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9 futuristic inventions we were promised but never got

We’re tired of Hollywood’s empty promises.

MOVIES HAVE A lot to answer for. Our expectations for what we should have now are sky high–unlike our cars.

Here are nine things that need to happen in the near future or we’re never watching a sci-fi movie again.

1. Driverless car

Google are on their way, but an autonomous car is still not a reality for the average consumer. Imagine the taxi money we’d save. Turns out the dream isn’t even nearly as close as we’d like, despite the selfish producers of Total Recall and Demolition Man getting our hopes up.

Science Digest also it predicted in 1950, so what’s taking so long?

eleccar615 Source: Science Digest via The Atlantic

While you’re at it, if it could talk to us too, that’d be great.

kitt Source: Car-neons

2. Hover board/flying car

Basically something that we can float around on.

Gif-Hoverboard Source: Likecool

Although giving some drivers a third dimension is just asking for trouble, the fact that our world is looking less and less like Back to the Future every year, really hurts.

How about those flying cars from the Fifth Element? Nice to see McDonalds are still around in a distant dystopia.

100721-12-PCWorld-fifthelement-hmed-620p.grid-6x2 Source: NBC News


3. Food in a pill

Imagine we never had to waste time eating, we could adjust our calorie intake with the amount of pills we consumed, ensuring we reach all of our RDAs, all adjusted to suit our individual person and make us feel full and satisfied.

Sounds like a nightmare. We’d probably forget how pizza tasted.

Bubblin Pizza Time Lapse Source: Animatedpizzagifs

As it stands, there’s too much calories required, so we’d be popping pills all day. Instead, scientists have been coming up with ways to satisfy taste cravings with no calories, using food sprays, chewing gum, and this guy, who’s come up with a drink that means he never has to eat again. The concoction is based on the 1973 sci-fi movie Soylent Green, where water made of human flesh was fed to all. NO THANKS.

plate Source: Shutterstock

4. Fully functioning consumer robots

All we’re saying, is that Star Wars, the Jetsons and the Stepford Wives gave us a glimpse of a world with robots and we’re not opposed to them sharing some of our every day chores with us. Hey, if Screech had one, so can we.

kevin Source: Alannoah

However, we’re rather put off by this patent filed which says their robot design could:

provide such an anthropomorphic robot, including even molded body cavities and genitals of either gender, allowing for human sexual gratification.

4180784 Source: Good Reads

They might be useful for other things too, like medicine and mass production, but primarily, hoovering.

,A-G-330856-3 Source: Toms Guide

5. Teleportation device

Beam me up Scotty. A holophone would even do like.


Wait, this actually happened, on the news! Well, kinda.

6. Tube travel system

No, not the tube trains, a hyperloop travel system across the land. A system is currently being developed by a founder of Paypal, Elon Musk, who's also trying to commercialise space travel. Aiming low and all that.

Source: CNN

7. Time machine

Back to the Future and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure didn't start the fire, it was always burning. Surely there's a way to bend science and make this happen. We'd only use it for good, we promise.

There was a patent filed for time machine 'software' in 2008, complete with a stick-figure diagram. Not holding our breaths.

US20080281766A1-20081113-D00000 Source: Google Patents

Hold on, what if this actually happened and we went back in time and can't get back?

back-to-the-future Source: Blogspot/cassandralegacy

9. Invisibility cloak

Perhaps it's better that this doesn't exist. For all of our peace of minds.

daniel-radcliffe-birthday-july-23-2013-harry-potter-gifs-invisibility-cloak Source: Teen

What inventions do you hold out the hope for?

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