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These two lads were interviewed live on US TV in their GAA jerseys and it was gas

The interviewer didn’t know what was happening.

WHEN IRISH PEOPLE go abroad and head to a sports event, some of them will inevitably don their county colours for the occasion.

In that tradition, these two lads went along to a baseball game in Texas two nights ago, and were picked out by Fox to be interviewed on live TV. Look how happy they were:

gaalads Source: Deadspin

Of course, the Tipperary-clad gent was the baseball expert on the Texas Rangers team they were watching:

Very first game. I’ve been an expert on baseball since five o’clock this evening. I haven’t a clue what’s going on but I’ll tell you what’s happening.

The short interview included many, many quality Irish references – with the Tipp jersey getting a mention:

I’d just like to say that I’m leaving my lucky Tipp jersey in Texas and it’s going to be the Rangers lucky charm.

jersey Source: deadspin

The two lads signed off their short appearance with this bold call:

Here’s a promise: if the Rangers succeed in pulling this back myself and Shane are buying everybody here a good frosty f**kin pint of Guinness!

final22 Source: deadspin

This was followed quickly by an apology for the accidental swear word, of course.

They certainly made an impression on the viewing public

The lads were the best part of the game for this guy

You can watch the full interview over on Deadspin – and keep an eye out for the Fox interviewer who resorted to an Australian impression at the end. He didn’t know what the lads were on about.

“G’day mate! G’day mate!”

Thanks Will Pry!

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