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# Irish Lads

All time
13 things that make Irish men utterly irresistible
No bias here.
# house of mouse
Three Irish roommates' hilarious hunt for a mouse in the house is going viral
# rampant rabbit
These Irish lads are thoroughly baffled by women's sex toys
And so are we, TBF.
# Having the craic
2 Irish lads were interviewed live on US TV in their GAA jerseys and it was gas
“I’d just like to say that I’m leaving my lucky Tipp jersey in Texas.”
# at the match
These two lads were interviewed live on US TV in their GAA jerseys and it was gas
The interviewer didn’t know what was happening.
# rudie nudie
These two Cavan lads do a mean version of the cheeky 'towel dance'
Oooh, matron!
# love me for a reason
8 little things Irish lads do that girls find inexplicably attractive
*bats eyelashes*
# buckets
7 Irish lads show us how its done in Thailand
Ah, the lads.
# The lads
Irish boyos' J1 adventure will probably put your summer to shame
We sleep all day and drink all night….
# gas tickets
Irish lads ask unsuspecting people extremely awkward questions
Those YouTubers, acting the maggot as usual.
# Rollin'
Three Irish lads in a van perform epic Tina Turner lip-sync
Gas tickets.
# Lidl Present
This ad captures every Irish man's struggle with the language of love
Shall he compare thee to Shamrock Rovers?
# ah lads
Are these lads actually the 25 biggest Irish rides?
The readers of certainly made some interesting choices.
# gas tickets
Two Irish lads escape arrest on US TV show Vegas Strip
“We thought it would be funny”.
# how will I know
How to tell if an Irish guy likes you
Hint: It doesn’t involve saying ‘I like you’.
# pure terror
26 wonderful photos of terrified Irish lads in a haunted house
Plus one who’s not scared at all.
# how bizarre
VIDEO: A group of Irish lads meet 'Ronaldo' on Chatroulette*
*One of those involved, John Griffin, said he could not confirm it was the Brazilian superstar, though explained to us that the incident seemed “fairly legit”. What do you think?
# Lámh Eile
VIDEO: This Irish version of the Haka might just be better than the real thing
If you’re not doing this down in the local tonight, you’re seriously missing a trick.