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Daniel Day-Lewis' son is trying to be a rapper

Listen to one of his songs here.

gabe day Source: Youtube

IT’S TOUGH HAVING A famous dad these days. That’s according to Daniel Day-Lewis’ son Gabe, anyway, who’s decided to rap about it.

He recently released a music video for his song Green Auras which features him smoking a lot of weed while urging people not to call him by his given surname:

Call me Gabe Day and not Gabe Day-Lewis, because if you’re trying to call me out I’m ’bout to Gabe Day-Lose-It!

He also expresses the opinion that judging someone based on their parentage is “just as bad as being racist”. Hmm.


Dunno you guys, somehow we get the feeling he doesn’t want to be associated with his Oscar-winning dad.

Maybe Gabe and Tom Hanks’ rapper son, Chester “Chet Haze” Hanks, can be mates?

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