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For everyone who still misses the Galaxy Truffle in the Celebrations tin

And IIIIIIIIIIIII will always love youuuuuu…

EVERY YEAR, WHEN we’re selecting tins of sweets to buy for Christmas, we are reminded of one of the great mysteries of our time:

galaxy truffle Source: Mars

Yes, the decision to remove the Galaxy Truffle from the Celebrations. In 2011, Mars sneakily switched them for Twix, thus changing the festive sweet landscape as we knew it forever more.

Where are you now, Galaxy Truffle? Do you miss us like we miss you?

Twixes are nice, but you can get them in any shop you like

They’re ten a penny (kind of). We don’t need them as a special Christmas treat!

But the Truffle was different. You had to wait all year to get a taste, and you savoured every one

They were creamy and delicious, a touch of luxury… Until they were snatched away from us. Because apparently we can’t have nice things.

It’s been five years and still the campaign to get them back rumbles on

There are dozens of pages dedicated to getting Galaxy Truffles back in the Celebrations tin – like this one:

bringback Source: Facebook

And this slightly more polite one:

bringback2 Source: Facebook

Not to mention the many, many tweets remembering the sweet every year. We can’t let the Truffle go.

The even bigger mystery is that they chose to leave the Bounty in

Look at the state of that! THEY’RE NOT WANTED.

It’s even made it painful to watch the Gavin & Stacey Christmas special

enhanced-2850-1454929922-5 Source: Buzzfeed

Remember Bryn’s excitement upon receiving a single Galaxy Truffle as a Christmas present from Nessa? We’ll never get to feel that feeling again.

So Mars, we’re begging you

Galaxy Truffle Source: Flickr/ian_d

Bring back the Galaxy Truffle for next year. After the beating 2016 has given us, we all deserve it.

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