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Here's what's different about this new pub in Dublin

The Beer Market is opening in Christchurch on Wednesday April 22.

Image: Facebook/Galway Bay Brewery

CALLING ALL CRAFT beer lovers!

The beer aficionados at the Galway Bay Brewery are opening a new pub, The Beer Market, in Christchurch on Wednesday of next week.

The Brewery runs nine other pubs in Ireland – six of these are in Dublin, including Against the Grain, The Black Sheep and The Brew Dock.

So what makes The Beer Market different from all the Brewery’s other offerings? Well, it’s literally all about the beer.

The Beer Market will be the first bar in Ireland that only sells craft beer – so wine and spirit drinkers are all out of luck.

Galway Bay Brewery operations manager Andy Bryne told DailyEdge.ie that they wanted to “push the boundaries a bit” with their new pub.

“We’re trying to do something that’s dedicated to beer only. The idea was to source and serve the best craft beers available,” he said.

The beers will be served from numbered rather than branded taps, to keep their selection fresh:

It’s actually very simple. A branded badge on a beer tap means the beer is permanent – we envisage the beers changing constantly, so instead of a badge we have numbers.

Getting 2015 into swing with bottling Full Sail Source: Facebook/Galway Bay Brewery

Continuing in the style of their other bars, there won’t be any big screens or live bars at The Beer Market.

We find that can be intrusive. Because it’s solely dedicated to beer, we want the customers to interact with the managers and the staff. There are no distractions. It’s all about the beer!

There’s no doubt that the Beer Market will appeal to the increasing number of craft beer enthusiasts in Ireland today – but Byrne hopes that beer newbies will also be interested in what they have to offer.

We’re hoping people who aren’t as into craft beer will come along too. It’s not so serious, we’re still having fun with it. We’re just pushing the boundaries out a small bit.

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