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16 utterly implausible things that happen in the Galway Girl video

*strokes chin*

THIS MORNING, ED Sheeran released the video for Galway Girl.

It’s cute! But we couldn’t help but pick some holes in it…

First of all, we’re expected to believe that Ed got a limo from his show in Dublin to a small pub in Galway.

Logistically unlikely, but we’re willing to suspend our belief.

GIF Source: YouTube

There’s no way a pub would stand for this carry-on early on in the night

Saoirse would be asked to get off the table like a good girl and, if she got lippy, she’d be kindly escorted out. Don’t believe us? Hop up on a table when you’re out having a few scoops tomorrow evening and see if people are cool with it.

carr Source: YouTube

A beermat with no gaudy drinks logo and plenty of white space to write a little welcome message on? How handy.

gak Source: YouTube

Having a table in a bathroom is a health and safety hazard, surely.

Side-note: much respect to Hector for managing to sneak into this video. ‘Tis a long way from promoting horse-racing in Ireland.

tabe Source: YouTube

This seems… convenient.

Also, why is this video set in Galway when the song clearly details how he met the so-called Galway Girl on Grafton Street? *strokes chin*

graf Source: YouTube

Would you really have the energy for this after swigging pints, dancing and playing darts?

raek Source: YouTube

Ireland is great, but we don’t typically have Irish dancers busking on the streets in the wee hours


GIF Source: YouTube

And look! They just so happened to have a copy of Rolling Stone to hand.

Ah yes, the magazine that all Irish teenagers love to read and purchase religiously.

hwos Source: YouTube

Girl, what are you doing cycling!!!

You’ve had a million pints. At least wear a helmet!

wahs Source: YouTube

What’s this underground tattoo parlour that (a) operates 24/7 (b) allows locked people to drink whiskey and consent to getting tattoos and (c) allows someone to deliberately ruin their pal’s tattoo?!

GIF Source: YouTube

And then scoffs at the drunk person in question!


bfg Source: YouTube

If they are in Galway, why didn’t they get chips in Supermacs?

Come on, lads.

ws Source: YouTube

This kind of exuberance is would not be tolerated in the middle of a pub.

This isn’t the Titanic, people.

GIF Source: YouTube

Who are these two youngsters just Irish dancing in the middle of the pub and refusing to stop even as it looks like a fight is about to kick off not three feet away from them?

Can’t stop dancing. Mustn’t stop dancing.

whs Source: YouTube

How does Saoirse not look rough out by the end of the night?

Nobody looks this luminous after drinking stout all night.

wdf Source: YouTube


You’re telling me that these two ran around Galway, danced in pubs, drank enough to knock a horse and we don’t even get to see a messy shift?

A crime.

nso Source: YouTube

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