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#Galway Girl

14 tweets that sum up Ireland's complicated relationship with Ed Sheeran's Galway Girl

Still stuck in everyone’s head, even if they don’t want it there.

Just 19 observations that encapsulate Ireland's obsession with Ed Sheeran

Get him in to negotiate Brexit.

A New Zealand music critic has ripped into Ed Sheeran's Galway Girl for 'cultural theft'

“His lyrics are essentially a grab bag of Irish stereotypes that stops a ‘to be sure’ short of ‘diddly-dee potatoes’.”

How 8 young Irish dancers caught Ed Sheeran's attention and ended up in the Galway Girl video

Or why you should have never quit Irish dancing.

Fran and Elmo from Love/Hate pop up with Saoirse Ronan in Ed Sheeran's new music video

The clip also stars Tommy Tiernan and Hector. All the lads.

Ed Sheeran has revealed who his 'Galway Girl' is... and she's not even from Galway

Just a bit of artistic license taken there, eh Ed?

Ed Sheeran goes HARD on the Irish references in his new song Galway Girl

Céilis, trad, Guinness, all he’s left out is “Top o’ the mornin’ to ye!”

Ed Sheeran's new video for Shape of You reveals that he has a Galway tattoo

The honourary Irishman is looking to make it official.

A nervous best man from Tyrone reworked Galway Girl into a lovely speech

Sha la la la la Saoirse the cat.

How Well Do You Know The Lyrics To Galway Girl?

Do Mundy, Sharon Shannon and Steve Earle proud.

25 thoughts every Irish person has at a wedding

“Where are the bloody sandwiches?”.

Gorgeous aerial footage makes Galway look absolutely deadly

We want to go to there.

19 things nobody ever told you about going to a wedding

You’re dancing to Black Eyed Peas, and you’ll like it.

The 14 signs that you're at an Irish wedding

Is that Galway Girl? LET’S DANCE!

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