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# Galway Girl

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# Galway Girl
Ireland's Julie-Ann Russell snapped up by Aussie top-flight side
The 29-year-old has joined Western Sydney Wanderers ahead of this weekend’s season kick-off.
# forever forever
Saoirse Ronan explained that Ed Sheeran's 'Galway Grill' tattoo is actually real on James Corden
Everyone thought it was just for the video.
# divisive
14 tweets that sum up Ireland's complicated relationship with Ed Sheeran's Galway Girl
Still stuck in everyone’s head, even if they don’t want it there.
# Galway Girl
Just 19 observations that encapsulate Ireland's obsession with Ed Sheeran
Get him in to negotiate Brexit.
# angery
A New Zealand music critic has ripped into Ed Sheeran's Galway Girl for 'cultural theft'
“His lyrics are essentially a grab bag of Irish stereotypes that stops a ‘to be sure’ short of ‘diddly-dee potatoes’.”
# getting jiggy with it
How 8 young Irish dancers caught Ed Sheeran's attention and ended up in the Galway Girl video
Or why you should have never quit Irish dancing.
# get off that table
16 utterly implausible things that happen in the Galway Girl video
*strokes chin*
# galway grill
Fran and Elmo from Love/Hate pop up with Saoirse Ronan in Ed Sheeran's new music video
The clip also stars Tommy Tiernan and Hector. All the lads.
# Galway Girl
Ed Sheeran rocked up to a pub in Salthill to shoot the Galway Girl video this evening
# I took a stroll
People are loving this Irish musician's mash up of the two Galway Girl songs
It’s finally happened.
# played the fiddle
Ed Sheeran has revealed who his 'Galway Girl' is... and she's not even from Galway
Just a bit of artistic license taken there, eh Ed?
# van on the jukebox
Ed Sheeran goes HARD on the Irish references in his new song Galway Girl
CĂ©ilis, trad, Guinness, all he’s left out is “Top o’ the mornin’ to ye!”
# grand soft day
Ed Sheeran's new song Galway Girl is NOT a cover of the Steve Earle/Mundy banger
He won’t be taking a stroll…
# represent
Ed Sheeran's new video for Shape of You reveals that he has a Galway tattoo
The honourary Irishman is looking to make it official.
# Galway Girl
A nervous best man from Tyrone reworked Galway Girl into a lovely speech
Sha la la la la Saoirse the cat.
# sound city
18 times Galway was the soundest place on earth
# I took a stroll
How Well Do You Know The Lyrics To Galway Girl?
Do Mundy, Sharon Shannon and Steve Earle proud.
# i gotta feeling
25 thoughts every Irish person has at a wedding
“Where are the bloody sandwiches?”.
# stay noooowwww
Gorgeous aerial footage makes Galway look absolutely deadly
We want to go to there.
# starving
19 things nobody ever told you about going to a wedding
You’re dancing to Black Eyed Peas, and you’ll like it.
# beef or salmon
The 14 signs that you're at an Irish wedding
Is that Galway Girl? LET’S DANCE!
# Hit Parade
Top 20: The best-selling singles in Irish history
Featuring novelty tunes, X Factor winners, and TWO songs by someone you probably thought was a one-hit wonder…