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18 times Galway was the soundest place on earth


GALWAY WAS VOTED one of the kindest cities in the Conde Nast Friendliest Cities. It came sixth out of ten, with Dublin taking the third spot.

We never doubted it.

1. They’re up for the craic, even at a taxi rank after a night out


2. And they make sure you’ve got enough booze to do ya for the night

PastedImage-36977 Source: galwayreddit

3. Seriously, their soundness would kill them

Remember when the Roisin Dubh ended up serving pints for 50c thanks to a World Cup offer?

apubb1 Source: BBC

4. They’re sound enough to let their staff go to the beach on the one sunny day of the year

5. And aren’t afraid to apologise when they’ve done something wrong

6. They just want you to know they’re thinking about you

7. And even their graffiti wants you to do the same

8. They have the best manners

ashift Source: Facebook

9. This monkey from An Pucan even went around the city doing random acts of kindess

amonkey Source: Youtube

10. Where else would you get an epic singalong of Galway Girl?

Only in this exceptionally sound city, of course.

11. Or a big trad session on the train?

Source: T T-Rait/YouTube


12. Really though, where else would you get it?

JGLMzRy Source: Imgur, darraghd

13. They’re too sound to even kick you out when a keg explodes

Give it up for the Salt House bar. Few umbrellas, be grand.

PastedImage-96297 Source: Fiona Mcloughlin

14. They’re just the most sensitive people, deep down

PastedImage-77087 Source: PotatoesAndMolasses, Imgur

15. They don’t even leave their pets outside in case they get cold

PastedImage-31085 Source: Imgur

16. And they’re full of compliments

PastedImage-97196 Source: Imgur

17. But really, when this little dog needed to be saved, you can bet Galway was on it

PastedImage-37431 Source: knobblyer via Reddit

18. Galway, yis are just the soundest

PastedImage-12114 Source: Tumblr

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