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9 original gameplay screens only former Game Boy owners will understand

The Game Boy is 25 years old today. How old are you?

Source: Xabi Vasquez

THE NINTENDO GAME Boy was launched in Japan 25 years ago today – and with it, a revolution in handheld console gaming.

Practically every child of the 1980s either grew up staring into that weird green glow, or being jealous of their friends who could.

Remember these screens?

9. The sense of claustrophobia when you got near the top of the screen in Tetris

Source: Garath

8. The first time you learned about headbutting boxes and jumping over turtle shells

Source: Officialnintendomagazine

7. The pause screen in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Source: Gamefaqs

6. The genuine fear induced by a crowd of bad guys in Double Dragon II

Source: Gamefaqs

5. How advanced the dialogue in The Final Fantasy Legend seemed

Source: Cubed3

4. Feeling genuinely a little conflicted by playing Wario as the hero in Wario Land

Source: pressthebuttons

3. The odd loneliness of Metroid

Source: blogspot

2. The sheer, undiluted adrenaline of Donkey Kong

Source: Officialnintendomagazine

1. And the excitement of seeing this screen for the first time

Source: Destructoid

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