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'Game of Moans' is the best First World Problems rap you'll hear today

Sansa Stark understands you.

IN CASE YOU hadn’t noticed, the internet is in Game of Thrones overdrive ahead of the show’s returns to our TV screens tomorrow.

Amid all the hysteria, BBC Radio One has released this rather amusing rap parody featuring DJ Matt Edmonson and Sophie Turner aka Sansa Stark.

The pair masterfully take us through a whole host of annoying first world problems through the medium of incredibly dodgy rap.

Source: BBC Radio 1/YouTube

They deal with everything from running into your boss at the gym to struggling with autocorrect on your phone, and even the ongoing debate about whether to call certain baked goods ‘scons’ or ‘scones’.

In case you’re wondering, the track they’ve played around with is Tinie Tempah’s Children of The Sun.

And while we’re still on the subject, who knew Sansa Stark could sing?

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