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What TV game show were you absolutely mad to get on when you were a kid?

How much would you have loved to go on Jungle Run?

WE ALL WANTED to be on a TV game show as kids. Sure they looked like great craic. These four in particular were highly coveted by noughties kids:

1. Get Your Own Back

Get_Your_Own_Back Source: CBBC via Wikia

Get Your Own Back was a children’s game show where kids competed for the opportunity to get their own back at an adult enemy by dunking them in gunge.

Some wanted revenge on their teachers, some wanted revenge on their embarrassing dads and one little kid even wanted revenge on his grandfather for  being too accident prone. Bit mean, to be honest.

The children had to beat their opponent by taking part in games such as “Drop the Bomb”, which involved the adult they wanted revenge on pushing them around in a toy plane while they attempt to drop bombs on targets.

running arouund with plane

throwing bomb onto target

At the end of the episode, contestants had to answer a number of general knowledge questions to determine which height their adult would be dropped from into a pool of gunge.

crank him up

Every time the child answered correctly the audience shouted “Crank them up!” and the adult got taken up a notch.

After the general knowledge questions, they child who got the most answers correct gets to pull the lever to dunk their adult into a pool of gunge.

sliding down

moment of impact

 2. 50/50

5050 cheering

This was the game show where two schools competed, picking 50 students each to be contestants. They were separated into two teams: yellow and blue.

If there’s one thing you remember about this show, it’s that it had so many bouncy castles.

bouncy castles


Then there was this really tense game:


And a lot of running around.

All of this, for what? One measly trophy to be shared with your whole school. British game show prizes haven’t got a patch on our Winning Streak.

Let’s be real though, we all wanted to go on those bouncy castles.

3. Jungle Run

JungleRun Source: Wikipedia

As far as production value went in kids game shows, this one was very good. They had real water that was deep enough to swim in, loads of fake caves and even some CGI. Not great CGI, but CGI all the same.

CGI tigers:

cgi tiger

CGI crocodiles:

cgi croc

And loads more.

This was the show where contestants had to run around the jungle collecting bananas. Adults in coloured monkey suits used to chase them around to try stop them from getting bananas. The more bananas they collected, the longer they could spend in the temple at the end of the game.

the temple

In the temple, teams had to solve a series of riddles to get trophies to exchange for prizes, but if one of the team members didn’t manage to escape the temple before the time ran out, nobody got a prize.

When you consider this with the fact that adults in monkey suits were attacking kids to get their bananas off them, this was a pretty cruel show. All the kids wanted was to win a Discman or a Gameboy Advance.

The situations the kids had to collect bananas in would be pretty scary for kids. Sometimes they had to swim to the bottom of mini lakes on the set and retrieve the bananas from down there.


There was also a lot of hanging out of ropes involved too.


Did the producers of Jungle Run actually hate children? Maybe we wouldn’t have been cut out for this one actually.

4. Raven


This one was a little bit sinister. It’s hard to believe but they made this show for 8 years and it had three spin-offs.

up high

Over the course of five broadcast days, a number of kids who took themselves very seriously had to compete against each other to become warriors. They had a certain number of lives, measured by feathers.


Every time they failed a task they lost their lives, until eventually they disappear. The challenges they had to do involved fighting each other on very high up mushrooms, pedaling boats around lakes in Scotland, and climbing up cliff faces.

big walls

With demons chasing them just to make it a little bit more exciting.



Then the demons could kill them too for a bit more fun.

caught him

When you’re watching these shows at home as a child, you always think wow that looks so fun and scary. But as an adult now, it’s pretty clear that producers just loved torturing kids.

I suppose it’s still a little bit more exciting than the grown up shows we have the opportunity to take part in today like Pointless and Tipping Point.

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