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8 most important images and GIFs from the Garth Brooks press conference
We just have a lot of feelings.

WELL, THAT WAS emotional.

Garth Brooks has delivered a press conference in Nashville where he announced new music, a  new “social media network” just for his fans, and most importantly addressed the Croke Park debacle.

Anyone in Ireland, anyone on the planet who is sad about this, you’re not one-billionth as sad about this as I am.

We’ve rounded up our favourite images and GIFs right here.

“Nobody loves Ireland more than me” *Chest bump*

So many feelings.


When he mimed “welcome to Ireland”

Brooks says there is nothing like the Cead Míle Fáilte. That’s why he’s so disappointed about what’s happened.


This guy’s hair game

Because he’s worth it.

stalk Susan Daly Susan Daly

This guy’s bandana game

Thunder rolls.

band @liobrien @liobrien

Tears. At 5.54pm

He was crying about his kids. Not Ireland. Pfft.



Brooks waxed lyrical about a fan called Andy for a while during the press conference, while the whole of Ireland screamed at him to talk about us FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

We think this might be Andy:


This bit, where they didn’t realise they were live

One lady said he should make sure nobody could see his ‘cleavage’. Shudder.


The lunch

Gary Overton from Sony got up on stage at the end of the press conference and stuttered something about lunch in a highly anticlimactic move.

We’ve now spotted that lunch.


Brooks will ‘crawl, swim, fly’ to meet Taoiseach over Croke Park gigs>

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